• Janine Lazur, Freelance Art Director

    I've been working solidly and successfully as an independent contractor since 1997 doing work onsite at ad agencies in the Philadelphia and Princeton areas as well as projects for small business clients from my home studio. Graphic design, art direction, illustration, photoshop, print, web, general, pharma, filling in for someone on vacation or with overflow work until you can staff up…happy to help.

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  • Availability

    I'm booked to capacity for the next two months.

    Agency clients, let me know if you want a heads up when I'm free again or want to book in advance. Current small business clients, though I'm not taking on significant new work right now,  I can surely find time for small edits or updates, so if you need something, please get in touch.

  • Planning Something?

    Though I'm currently  booked, please don't hesitate to contact me. Tell me a little about your project and I'll send rates and relevant samples. Perhaps we can work together when I have room in my schedule.

  • Portfolio

    Aside from what you can see using the links on the lower left, you won't find much of my work online. Because I do 80% of my work for ad agencies and the end client is typically unaware the work was outsourced to a freelancer, I only share agency projects privately. Use my contact form to tell me a little about your needs and I'll provide relevant samples.

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